- IT / Computer Consultants - Database Application

- Web Development - Mobile Application

- Digital Marketing - Multimedia Interactive

- Internet Provider and Networking Certifications


We understand that you will have different preference for working relationship. Your procurement may require a fixed budget instead of monthly engagement. Or you want to only outsource some part of work, and do the rest in-house. Or you want us to manage everything up to the production server maintenance. Thus we come up with 3 working types that cover most client requirements.


Database Application / Pembuatan Software Database

Providing services for making specific program applications for various information management needs owned by a company. Using the latest programming languages ​​such as VB.Net, C #, C ++, Java, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Delphi, GIS, MapInfo, MapServer, Arcview, etc.

Web Development

Attractive and dynamic web application development. Prioritizing usability, navigation and web application efficiency. Using the latest Ajax based technology, PHP, ASP.Net, Java, JSP, other frameworks.

Graphic Design

Providing graphic design and printing solutions with design quality, precision and professionalism.

Digital Multimedia Interactive

Interactive and interesting multimedia application development. Combining content, images, sounds and videos so that your application becomes interesting and not boring.

Server, Network and Communication

Providing quality servers both at home and abroad. Cloud Server, VPS, Remote DB, Hosting, Linux / Windows, etc. Providing facilities and infrastructure for Networking installations. Includes LAN, WAN, Wireless, Mail / Web Server, Routers, PBAX Phones, VOIP, SMS Gateway, etc.