PT. Multi Prasetya Mandiri

We are a company that offers complete and integrated solutions for consulting, designing, implementing, and maintaining products and information technology systems for your company's business interests, both small and large scale.

With a total solution model that is end to end solution, we are the answer to your company's information technology needs in accordance with our slogan, One Stop IT Solution!

Vision & Mission


Our solution is your future, superior service is our main concern by presenting branded products that have been tested on the market as our partners



Our company is engaged in information technology with experienced and experienced human resources serving various types of companies.

Our Purpose

Providing the best service to business partners by maximizing the skills we have with modern tools and benefiting and expanding the network of business partnerships that are synergistic and sustainable


Company Strategy

Selection of appropriate technology to adjust client needs and provide solutions. Open and transparent discussions and elections will present the best solution to the choice of technology to be used.

Optimum solutions with low costs will be provided and will always consider between two parties professionally in producing the most possible solutions to be developed.